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Project What Why How If: A world without plastic.

Last Wednesday was the deadline to submit the first phase of the project What Why How If for my MA In Applied Imagination for the Creative Industries, at Central Saint Martins. It was a project I cared a lot (well like all my projects but among them all, this was mattering the most as it can set the roots to the main project for next year, which will mark my entire second year and il will culminate with a final exhibition.

My original Intervention was to bring a company I found in California (named Bureo - Netplus), and basically extend their way of recycling fishing nets here in the UK coastlines.

During my 'steakholder phase' - which involved reaching out to them directly (via mail) or indirectly (via 'social friendship' & connections) I managed to breached through the IMO and I was ready to show to the President my business plan proposal which was leading to bring that established recycling process here, within Britain coastlines. I failed and that disrupted all my certainties. 

I moved back to something that really passionates me: Performance Art, (yes - back to square one again) but this time in a way quite almost certainly disruptive. My original plan (Plan A) was to do my very first piece of Performance Art in the middle of Piccadilly Square, and I had a videographer/photographer, and a guy to play with the music in stand-by and all pre-arranged. I would have recorded the performance live (in the hope of many other people recording and gaining visibility) and tagging, mentioning all those stakeholders who did rejected me in the previous weeks.

Due of the adverse weather conditions I had to think very quick to a Plan B).

I couldn't afford to damage my equipment in bad weather conditions. I reached a point where I was hopeless and the day before my assignment I shared my feelings with Jasminka, our incredible tutor. She was super reassuring and that gave me some sort of confidence back. After all - everything happens for a reason right?!

I decided on Wednesday morning to prepare a countdown on my Instagram channel where I have - 1.5K connections, saying that my very first Performance Art video will be launched at 6.30 GMT. My hook was ready.

I did already my 'behind-the-scene' work with my stakeholders, by connecting with all of them in the past weeks. So the gateways where open.

When we started at 6pm our online university class I was excited, scared, overwhelmed,...I had such a whirlwind of emotions... When it was my time to present I asked the approval from Jasminka to stream live my presentation.

I tagged in the live video all my stakeholders who previously rejected 'basically I invited them' to watch me. 

At the end, the plan worked anyway: basically I created a double Intervention:

one was the video I self-directed, shooted, acted on and post-edited and - the second, was the presentation itself, the additional stakeholders engagement and the introduction of the video once again, on a live-stream environment, trying to build engagement with my audience.

After almost a week of self-reflections and evaluations I am very exciting to see something moving underneath a sea of uncertainties. I have now reached a state of completely lostness.

Here I am actually enjoying greatly translating my thoughts into sentences - no matter how classically, grammatically and stylistically written.

Here is, my intimate diary shared with the open, wild and brutal digital world. With my potential Third Intervention, I present you my platform of my (so far) rough journey of metamorphosis.

Are you ready for more?

Link to my video:

A World Without Plastic How it feels dying suffocated by plastics?

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