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Yann Houri's thick, flowing abstraction of human emotions.

The work of Yann Houri focus on the complexity of the human subject and translates human emotions and time challenges into how we define ourselves in this mechanical and virtual age. The capture of each moment of life and each vibration is what human kind fails to admire in a contemporary lifestyle that pushes him to play constantly against time rather than cooperate with it in order to appreciate the present even before trying to plan the future and regret the past. His art interrogates our way to behave in a day to day life and put a strong emphasis upon the contemplation of the beauty of our own emotions and actions as present acts and vectors of energy. In an age where human creativity is data is comprised of replicable code, the works confront the viewer with a radical question of “What am I?”

Through his medium he explosively portrays his passion for visually recreating human emotion in a violently expressive and relentless form. He juggles between abstract and realism, his work is explosive with color but effortlessly secured together with minute detail. The effervescence of your first impressions fade away to reveal a deep palette of emotions offered to you through an intricate firework display of color and texture, apparent in all of his work. Brought to life are the feelings of resurrection, impalpable joy and an underlying sentiment of hope driving ones’ will to live. Human emotions are unarguably the inspiration behind his paintings and it is across facial expression accentuated by nuances and intensities between color, that Yann Houri brings not only the opposing and explosive powers of the feelings of others, but also of his own, out into the open.


Born in 1990 in Paris, France. Yann Houri is a self-taught artist, currently living and working in Paris. Today, well known for his unique style of work, he combines different media and techniques, which allow him to explore his fascination of Man Kind’s daily choices and the repercussions of their consequent actions. Yann Houri has exhibited his work at Georges R. Brown Center in Texas, Suntec Singapore Center, Fondation Deutsch in Lausanne, San Mateo Center, Fort Mason Center in San Fransisco or Grand Palais in Paris.

Website: Instagram: @yannhouri

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