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The way of moving forward.

I came back from the forest. Yet, I have no clear answers to my doubts, to my uncertainties and insecurities.

I am genuinely not sure where I want to go, what I want to do, and how I am going to do it.

But I want to go somewhere - at least keep the momentum and move.

I might move backward, sideways, or forward. The direction at the moment won't really matter to me. As long as I am moving somewhere else - away from this stagnant stream of thoughts that the current situation brought me, I will be fine.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much clarity on the steps I want to take, but I knew I had to keep trying. And something popped in my mind. Do you know that kind of thought that keeps coming back to you?

Lately, my mind was telling me those words:

If you are good at something - don't do it for free.

And then I decided to take that as a starting point.

I also analyzed the fact that I spent a lot of time on building a quite decent product: my challenges/eBooks. So why don't try to sell them online?

I research online and then decided to hoist my first eBook online via Payhip

After last week's chat with my uni mates and, after your suggestion, I decided to tweak all my eBooks and make them 'time-constrained free. In this way everyone interested in making a positive change to their life could easily go to Payhip, pay and download the material and start a journey of wellbeing and self-love.

I have currently listed one ebook: a 7 Days Challenge which consists of an educational document where I designed 7 tips on how to live a healthier life, followed by a weekly table to log in the good habits for the entire week. On purchase - I will gift the buyer with my favorite green Vegan Smoothie recipe.

The link to purchase the eBook is here.

I am holding fire on the other two guides at the moment. For the 30 Days Challenge and FBI-7 I want to obtain more visibility and try to find ways to fully test the first eBook.

I started to test it today, and I shall see how many viewers I will get this week as I am currently planning to promote it daily for the entire week.

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