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The unpredictable journey.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

'It's the rocky road, not the smooth path, that leads to greatness.'

I am sure, we all heard that before.

Well today was one of those days that I hit a rock on my journey.

Following the excitement of my previous workshop, I must admit, I didn't expect this outcome. But - if I have to be 100% honest with you all, I didn't do much prep for this event. Not enught planning or marketing, no enough effort spent doing good advertising.

I genuenly thought that word of mouth would have helped me to gain enough visibility in order to attract clients in a very easy way. I was very much mistaken.

But let me go one chapter back.

The second intervention idea.

The idea was to create an hour FitArt workshop for International Women's Day.

I had this vision of creating a unique worshop, all yellow and flowery themed, for women only. The plan for this second workshop consisted of replicate the same model I used for the previous event: a 45 minutes online gathering where the first half would have used for moving and nourish the body with a women-based only music playlist all dated 70's/80's in teh background, followed by a second half where we would have spent time making some art - again, all themed with the International Women Day celebration.

After promoting the event on my social platforms as shown below, I wrote a blog on my fitness app. I also added a specific section on my website where I tried to push viewers to and facilitate the user journey from my advertising - directly to the booking system. All in one click.

NO viewers. NO partecipants. NO readers.

I genuenly don't know what I've done so wrong to do not get any visibility whatsoever. When I spoke about this to few people they told me they had no idea I had scheduled this workshop, and that it was a shame as they'd have loved to partecipate if they knew about it.

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