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The first week of November...

The first light installation, the biggest to date intervention I could possibly create, happened the first week of November. Ever since, a hell of awful events happened to me: from a new, full-time job, to planning my relocation back to London for the next 12 months, to trying to find last-minute accommodation for myself, my cat, and my partner. And last but not the least, the very few weeks left till the end of my MA at Central Saints Martins in Applied Imagination. Paperworks to fill, covid tests to book, weekly commuting to London - my life is absolutely hectic at the moment. But despite it all, it's happening to me right now, I am finding a few minutes between a design job and another to fill my blog and be able to tell you the wonderful story that will follow. Now sit back, have a glass of vino (or a cup of cha), and enter with me into the magikal world of last Friday.

It was a Friday afternoon, and the only noise I could hear was of my partner, and the millions of other people of the staff running around trying to get the last bits of the set design ready in time for the opening, which was scheduled for 6 pm. I remember very clearly I had my laptop with me, trying to deliver a design deck to my client, as well as coordinating the set for this installation. With two weeks of extensive preparation done on a basement where we did try all the lighting effects, tested every possible electrical connection, and building jewels - from prototyping, coloring, and styling), our installation was finally ready.

In less than 3 hours we managed to bring to life a magical room, where people could enter and do whatever they wanted. It was fascinating entering the magikal light room. Nothing in the entire castle had anything similar. All the other rooms were dark, anonymous, and did look all the same. When people entered our room they were intrigued to see what that mysterious room within a room was hiding on its inside.

People entering the room had all sorts of reactions...

Wow-what a beautiful light, I want this in my house! Oh, this is so nice.

Wooooow. Those lights would be perfect for my wedding. Congratulation to the set design and the imagination, this is a beautiful stand. It's a bit creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable. A bit weird. Oh gosh. Where did you find those lights?? Beautiful marketing and comm idea! Wow, this is very original. I love it - I want it for my wedding.

Creating a magical experience in a place full of history was an absolutely, wonderful experience. Thanks so much for my sponsor - La Bottega dell Orefice who allowed me to create this wonderful installation in his space at the Castello del Belgioioso.

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