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The end of my first intervention of 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The end of February marked the end of my first iteration of my second year at Cental Saint Martins: the 28 Days Challenge - February Edition.

Let me start saying that I totally loved the feedbacks received once the challenge ended. It was such a great experience to really understand if I was on the right track. And I now know I am. I am so full of joy and excitement that there is way for me to translate it into words.

One of my highlights? Can you believe some of the partecipants are now my clients?

And now I see moulding and shaping up a business model that is all what I've ever wanted: freedom to work for myself and myself only, from everywhere in the world, reacing everyone and everywhere with a click.

Few years ago I was so fascinated by those influencers that - even 'Pre-Covid-19 Era' could travel the globe living a crazy, adventurous life, where every day never looked the same.

I always thought that an office job was good enough for me. And my creative flair was enough to keep my adventurous spirit fulfilled.

What a mistake.

A mixture of factors, from leaving the UK and relocating to Italy, loosing my job as Art Director by being deceived by my company, the passion of my studies as a MA student at CSM,.. all ingredients that made me realise that I had nothing to loose. I reached so down the bottom of the barrel that I was no longer afraid of failing; after all, I had no darkest place where to hide than the one I was already living in.

And here we are, a month later, I am seeing a flourishing motivation in me, supported by all the amazing feedbacks received after my first intervention.

One of the factors I am taking advantage of is definitely Covid. I do believe this pandemic brought us many restrictions, but there is a flip of the coin: many new occasions and opposrtunities (if we have the creativity to see and take advantage of them). Funny enough, even if we cannot travel yet, I can still reach people and unite them under an online roof, attending creative workshops where subscribers can leave their daily stressed life behind and join me in a place of non judgement, filled with body & mind exercises that involves fitness workouts as well as Art sessions.

A second factor that I am definitely using to my advantage is the fact that Italy as a very rich culture and people's lives are focused way more on social gathering than work hangouts. For this reason Italian calendar is filled with events almost every month. And this is where I will be hooking my workshps to.

After my 28 Days Challenge I realised there is a lot of commitment needed by the partecipants and, even if I consider it successful, I lost a good 50% of engadgement during the first half of it. Therefore I want to experiment diffrent lenghts of worshops and see what the outcome will be.

But what tangible final results I could show to you all? Well I asked the permission to some of the partecipants for me to show the before/after transformation as well as some of the final artworks produces.

And here we are below!

I cannot wait to organize a the next one...Stay tuned as a second intervention will be happening very soon!

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