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The Art Box follow-up.

Failing and succeeding.

We all have experienced both during our lifetimes.

But what happens when we just succeed? We do celebrate, right?

I might have lost completely my sanity but last week - when I had a chat with Richard (my university head-coach at Central Saint Martins) I told him that the process of conceptualisation, realisation and actualisation of the Art Box, (my very first Italian Artistic project) went way too smooth than I've originally planned.

I might be a overly-realistic kind of person, most of the time also a terrible cynic and negative person, so I was ready for the worst. I was ready for rejections, failings and fallings.

I was so surprised when the 'Planning' and the 'Do' phase went exactly as I wished for.

Then I stepped into the 'Reflect' stage, where I did looked back and I realised that I wasn't happy the way it went.

And here you might think I completely lost the plot. The truth is that I never got somewhere, achieved a goal, hit that mark without failing. I always encountered step-backs, obstacles and restrictions on my way to achieve something.

Basically it felt I got it too easy and that left a bitter taste on my mouth. It felt I didn't fight enough for it.

So rather than sit back and enjoy the success of an assignment, what I did was to go and try to seek for a fail. At that point I realised I reached the 'Evaluation' phase, where I decided to dig my head back into the project and scale it up.

In order to expand the range of the Art Box I contacted 3 additional stakeholders of my project, which were three other care homes, within 20 miles range from the one I originally reached.

So far I received no answer, which might mean an obstacle ahead.

After all they say: 'Be careful what you wish for...'


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