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My very first intervention of 2021

I have genuinely no words to describe how happy I am with my new intervention for my course of studies at Central Saint Martins. Actually, this is my very first intervention of my second year of my MA and I have never been so much motivativated in all my entire life.

Do you know when you feel like running thousand miles an hour towards one direction, knowing deep down, from the bottom of your soul, that is the right direction?

After running across so many unknown territories, filled with uncertainties and dark places, for so, so many years, I now can see the road ahead crystal clear: all those pieces of the puzzle have always been there - right in front of me, but I wasn't able to put them together.

Now I can. All the years filled with so many various interests that never seem to linked together. But not anymore. There is an underlying link, that simply create who I truly am, who I want to be for others, who I want to be in this World. And there is nothing more liberating of this feeling.

My first intervention stared as planned using some pieces of the puzzle that I prepared years back - but I was never being able to put it into the right frame to make them work.

Till now.

I decided to act immediately and take the advantage of the time we are all living in: the lockdown, exactly as Richie suggested and provoked me few weeks ago

Here gyms and many more facilities are still closed and social gatherings are still forbidden.

Now, more than ever, people need my help with my creativity, technical skills and coaching knowledge.

I used February as the perfect month to start a 28 Days Challenge. It felt the perfect month as the 1st was commencing on a Monday and it will be ending on a Sunday.

The challenge consisted of following certain rules in order to tweak certain behavioural habits of their participants including brain rewiring and improving their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

I created an eBook ready to be donate to the subscribers at the beginning, which will help and support them all the way along their journey, by revealing something on a daily basis: daily tasks, yummy recipes (of my invention, linked with my personal interest and experience with Food Art Therapy) and beauty tips (linked with my passion of avoiding chemicals products while championing natural, eco-friendly remedies).

I prepared a client comparison sheet, where subscribers will log their details, body measurements and pictures, both at the beginning of the challenge - Day 1, as well as on day 28, at the end of it.

And I also included a February calendar, with events listed on it that will be happening during the month: two fitness activities for each week - every Mondays and Thursdays of the duration of 30 minutes, beginning at 6pm, as well as a final workshop that will feature a fitness workout, meditation and Art Therapy sessions, where they will be producing something creative and fully recycled to keep with them.

I created a Facebook group where I will be trying to keep engagement with the subscribers and I resuscitate my YouTube channel, that could become the perfect platform for my workouts and audience.

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