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Hunting the light.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

Francis Bacon.

And this is the topic I will be directing my final course of studies at CSM. As a proper adventure movie, my journey at one of the most prestigious schools for the Arts and Design in the world will end up with a spin-off that I'd never have been capable to imagine. Among the many cycles of action-reaction researches, interventions, and reflective practice phases, I seriously never have imagined I would have ended up here. Looking back, I could almost see the shadow, That shadow, that has been following me across so many adventures in the past 24 academic months. But only now I can truly see it clear. That ghost that has been following me, that needed to be seen, that traveled with me across lives, countries, and centuries. The truth is, everyone has got a ghost. I simply decided to reveal it with the magical power of creativity and light.

I also decided to scale up the project and translate it to a much bigger reality.

What if hunted, abandoned places could be brought back to life with the use of Creativity and Art? Why don't use abandoned, apparently useless areas, derelicts and give them a new story, a new life? How? By creating light/art installations, to bring awareness, people together, new possibilities, opportunities. Combining in an imaginary way the power of lights and creativity, in a dark and decadent surrounding, I will originate that story that will set my skeleton for my last intervention at Central Saint Martins and that very first page - that index page where many more chapters and stories can be revealed in the months (and years) to come.

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