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Follow-up of my 28 Days Challenge project.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Today is an important day.

And this is not only because tomorrow I will have a discussion about my intervention, where I will be unearthing it, but because the outcome has been truly unexpected.

I started this intervention with lack of confidence and poor expectations, due of all the uncertainties the world is currently experiencing and also because the area where I live is not like London. I live in a small village in North Italy, quite traditional, very rooted to its own culture and traditions - therefore very closed to innovative and immaginative processes.

I did completely lack of confidence and expectations as I never though this Country could be a fertile ground for my research answer, so for my intervention.

Well, the result so far has been totally mind blowing.

During this reflective process of those first two weeks (half away the full process of intervention) I learnt few important things.

Plan, Plan and Plan. If I could tell something to myself two weeks back it would have been:

'Alys, take your time to plan properly, don't be impulsive and rush an intervention.'

Don't get me wrong, I've been totally blown away with the candidates attractions I gained with only 3 days of time. I managed to get a list filled with 16 candidates who volunteered to partecipate to my intervention.

Thus a lot of question came legit, from 'How many candidates I could have attracted if I allowed myself a better planning and more time ahead?' to 'If I had a week, a month to prepare this intervention, couldn't it have been more attractive to a broader spectrum of audience?' and also 'How far I could have scaled-up my intervention?'

Anyway, what is done, it's done.

Here below the marketing campaign I run solely for two days, on the last days of January in order to get volunteers to partecipate to my 28 Days Challenge.

I also added a link on my already well established website ( where last minute volunteers could have joined the Challenge.

Once gained interest, I kindly asked for their email address and then sent over an introduction email with all the promised documentation and information to support the volunteers to their 28 days journey.

Here below there are two pages from my eBook. The rules are clearly listed below as well as the full calendar with a special Tip, Fact, or lifestyle suggestion that the client can implement each day for 28 Days. with first two Days.

And here the first two days of the 28 Days Challenge - featuring both the importance of good quality sleep and keeping our body hydrated.


Above. Focusing on my interventions.

A know that every journey brings with it a veil of uncertainties, road bumps and all sorts of dangers. That's why I decided to carefully pilot every stage of my intervention. And there is no better way of doing it by creating an eye-catching diagram outlining all the stages of my intervention.


As a milestone for my iteration, reaching literally half away through, I asked the participants for feedbacks; and here below some of my top ten.

Hello! My name is Manuela, 38 years old mother of a 2 year old boy and a teenager of 14... thank you very much for inspired me to take care back of myself, since in recent years between work, home and family "I've ignored completely myself". Have a lovely Sunday. Hug, Manuela

You are an inspiration. I admire your commitment in caring for others and truly try your best to help them in achieving their goals.

Your topTips in the eBook are wonderful. Half away the challenge I feel more motivated than ever to complete it.

My cravings for sugars are completely gone, I feel less bloated. Ah and my sleeping quality massively improved, including the relationship with my husband and with my son.

Your workouts are epic. I feel so good after them and I cannot wait to see the results after only 28 Days!!

I lost 1.1KG in just 5 days during the first week. Second week, I was down of 3.5 Kgs. I could not believe it. I ate more, I didn't do any diet, just followed your rules. UNBELIEVABLE!

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