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After a decade working for London-based agencies I decided to start my own business. 
This was when I created Pitaya Studio, a London-based (with world wide reach) Creative Agency.
Ever since I worked as a freelancer of contractor from Europe and lately even from the Middle East where I expanded my knowledge in Middle-eastern culture and advertising.

Image by Maddi Bazzocco

Why Pitaya?

I got asked many times this question. 
And today I am sharing with you the reasons behind my choice.
First of all, I love everything about this fruit and if I could describe myself with a fruit, Pitaya (also known as Dragon fruit) will be the perfect representation of who I am. The external skin of the fruit has a beautiful texture - and it's color has been my favorite's color since I was 5 years old. What is funny about this fruit is the difference between the outside vs the inside: when you cut the fruit you won't never expect to find inside a white pulp with black seeds that reminds of a kiwi.
Pitaya is nothing of what it seems, it is not the idea outside the box, is the approach of creativity to a completely diffrent angle.

What I offer with Pitaya Studio

Pitaya Studio Clients

Big or small brands, I look after them with equal kindness, professionalism and passion.

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